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A sprinkler of hope

4/27/2018 in Category

Makailah lives within our inner city. She talks of gun shots in her neighborhood that happen on a frequent basis. She is open about her fears and challenges of living without a father and... More

Always, Always Good

1/22/2018 in Category

This past semester has been incredibly difficult for me. I was lost and alone. Ever since my dad passed away last year, I felt as though there was no reasoning behind the world. Bad things... More

Healing power of Jesus

1/22/2018 in Category

Building times are an essential part of relational ministry with students. A building time is simply defined as a shared experience with a group of students. They can be anything from taking... More

Love your neighbor

1/22/2018 in Category

When I moved to Churubusco two years ago to become the Campus Life Director, my prayer was for God to strategically place me within the Churubusco community. God did just that. I bought my... More

Students dive into Jesus

1/22/2018 in Category

To most, this pool picture appears to simply be a faded sketch of a swimming pool. To many Campus Life students, it is an illustration to unleash the thoughts and emotions locked inside them... More