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He changes everything

4/27/2018 in Category

It’s expected to come back from spring break in Florida a little more tan with a little extra skip in your step from all of the Vitamin C; but with our annual Youth for Christ spring break... More

God makes beautiful things

4/27/2018 in Category

The carriage compartment of the charter bus was packed as I darted to claim the final seat on Bus #3. After months of preparing, we were finally on our way to Panama City, FL, for spring... More

Changing his ways

4/27/2018 in Category

Over spring break we brought a speaker/artist in to share with kids who are on probation. After the show I took four kids to Pizza Hut. While we were driving there I asked them what they... More

Beside me always

4/27/2018 in Category

Spring break was incredible this year! We took a smaller group of students from Huntington North, but most of these students had not stepped foot into a church their entire lives, nor knew... More

Be the Good News

4/27/2018 in Category

Youth for Christ of Northern Indiana currently has 35 active ministry sites that reaches 17,000 teens. It is heartbreaking to think that 50% of these teens (8,500 kids) don’t have an adult in... More