A new life change

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Troy lived his life on his terms. He was wrapped up in making money, buying the things he wanted, and gratifying his own needs. No one was ever there to tell him no, or that he was living selfishly. Until Go MAD.

Go MAD (Go Make A Difference) is a weekend conference for high schoolers at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne. The weekend is put on by Campus Life directors and features an amazing house band and speaker, an awesome concert, a huge block party, lots of food, and they get to stay in a great hotel! It is a one of a kind weekend that leaves students wanting more from their life and their relationship with God.

Troy was convinced by his Campus Life director and his friends that the cost of going to Go MAD was worth it and it would be the best weekend of his year. He was skeptical, but as soon as he walked in, he heard the band playing one of his favorite songs and was instantly hooked. Then he heard the speaker open up about his own life and Troy instantly related to him.

All this led to Troy giving himself a hard look in the mirror into how he was living and the choices he was making. He is now beginning to learn to say no to himself and yes to God. Please be in prayer for Troy as he begins his new journey with a relationship with Jesus!

Kristian Jarrett, East Noble Campus Life Director

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