Always, Always Good

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This past semester has been incredibly difficult for me. I was lost and alone. Ever since my dad passed away last year, I felt as though there was no reasoning behind the world. Bad things happened, and I believed nothing good would come out of it. I lost people, and I turned to things I shouldn't have in an attempt to try and cope with everything happening around me.

Then I started meeting with Liz regularly and began trying to get my life back to where it needed to be. She helped me realize there is a purpose behind everything and God knows exactly what He's doing. I began making better choices and searching for people who would encourage me and help me in my new journey with God. The people I lost were toxic to me, and the people I've gained have given me so much joy.

The big man upstairs is a little crazy, and I don’t always understand why things happen, but He's always so good.

- “Carley,” a student at Huntington North High School


God is so good, and it has been amazing to witness the restoration process begin for Carley. Please pray for her and for continued growth in her relationship with Jesus!

Liz Adams

Huntington Campus Life

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