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I am sitting in a counselor's office of a high school as I write this letter. I am here because at the center earlier this week, I saw one of my City Life kids come in high off of marijuana. His eyes were glazed, and the smell was dominant. So I called him into my office along with one of my ministry leaders to discuss his situation. He came in with his head down as if he was ashamed.

I want to pause before I tell the rest of this young man’s story. We as Christ followers enter the trenches of messy lives on an everyday basis. We can look in the mirror and see a person who had, and still has, some mess in our personal lives. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t need a Savior. One of the things I’m in love with about our Heavenly Father is He’s not afraid of our mess. Jesus told Peter, one of our brothers in the faith, that he (Peter) would deny knowing Him three times. The powerful thing about Peter’s story is Jesus didn’t change His mind about Peter, even knowing his shortcomings. The mess didn’t define their relationship, but the love our Heavenly Father had for Peter defined their relationship. We serve a God who pursues us consistently!

As the young man sat in my office with his head down, I looked past him being high and irresponsible. I asked if he would allow me to help him. I could have told him how disappointed I was in him and kicked him out of the building (rules without authentic relationship equals rebellion). He agreed to accepting my help, and I introduced him to my friend in the room with us, who is a pastor. We began to look at his grades and discovered he was failing most of his classes. I spoke with his foster mom and emailed his counselor to see how we could best help him.

As I sit in the counselor's office, I’m excited about this young man’s future. I am excited because his counselor and I were able to encourage him and communicate that he has a support system that will not give up on him and will help guide him to academic success. He now knows he has a big brother in me who desires for him to know Christ and be an Indigenous leader in his neighborhood.

Nygel Simms, City Life Director

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