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To most, this pool picture appears to simply be a faded sketch of a swimming pool. To many Campus Life students, it is an illustration to unleash the thoughts and emotions locked inside them during Campus Life trips and events.

Last year during GoMAD, we moved away from asking students to simply check a box for where they were at with a relationship with Jesus. Instead, we allowed students to freely respond to this illustration through asking, “If the swimming pool is a relationship with Jesus, which character are you and why?” There is no right or wrong answer, and each of us have seen the same character circled for a variety of interpretations and reasons.

While at GoMAD 2016, “Celine” circled the person on the right dipping a toe into the pool. She said, “I chose this person because I am willing to give Jesus a chance. I’m nervous and scared, but I am willing to try. I’ve never had a relationship with God before, but I want to just dip my toes in Him and His love right now.”  This answer allowed me to step in more regularly with Celine. We discussed what a relationship with Jesus could look like in her life. I told her Jesus’ love wasn’t held back by her family not allowing her to go to church.  During this time, I was able to give her a Bible and a devotional to start reading and learning about God.

Throughout the year, Celine pressed into Jesus, and Jesus pressed right back. At GoMAD 2017, Celine circled the character in the top right with all of the scuba gear, saying, “I picked the guy with all of the scuba gear because he looks ready, and so am I. I’m ready for my life to change. I’m ready for Jesus!” What a difference a year can make when it comes to pursuing Jesus!

We at YFCNIN gain our energy and momentum through each of these responses. Whether it’s the student who circles the guy reading the newspaper because he isn’t too concerned with having a relationship with Jesus; the girl who circles the girl in the towel because she has a lot of insecurities with her faith, or the student on the diving board saying they are ready to stop procrastinating and dive into a relationship with Jesus. Here at YFC, we aren’t waiting for the “right answer.” We will continue diving into conversations and relationships with students even if they say they aren’t even in the same room as the pool, because we know Jesus wants to meet each of these students right where they are, and we have seen just how much Jesus can change the heart of any student.

Danni Blackburn

Whitko Campus Life director

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