COVID-19 Response

Dear Friends of YFC,
We cannot thank you enough for the faithful support you have shown us throughout the pandemic. At YFCNIN we care about teens and understand their need for healthy connection. In this unique season, we are committed to building authentic relationships as we help teens succeed in every area of life. As we engage with in-person ministry with teens, we are proceeding with discernment and at all times we will follow Federal, State, and Local guidelines. To safely engage with in-person connections, we are focused on smaller shared experiences where we can maintain appropriate safety precautions. 
Steps we are taking to maintain a safe approach for these shared experiences:
  • Anyone participating in a YFCNIN activity must complete this annual liability release form which will remain valid through June 30, 2021.
  • This personal screening must be completed before all YFCNIN activities by all participants. 
  • Group size will be dependent upon each county according to the Advisory Level color coded map that's updated every Wednesday afternoon on the website:
    • Counties in red:        Groups of 10 or less
    • Counties in orange:  Groups of 25 or less
    • Counties in yellow:   Groups of 50 or less
    • Counties in blue:      Groups of 125 or less
  • Hand sanitizer and extra masks will be readily available.
  • Contact sports (like basketball) are allowed. We will stay in line with what high school sports teams are doing: masks are not required during the activity, but need to be worn once finished. Students should sanitize/wash hands after playing. 
  • When not participating in a contact sport or another strenuous activity, be sure to follow social distancing guidelines set by the CDC; masks must be worn when social distancing can’t take place.
    • Stay more than 6ft away from other people (about 2 arms’ length).
    • Stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings.
  • Outside activities are strongly encouraged to allow for social distancing.
  • Recommended that no communal eating or potlucks take place (no shared snacks; must be individually bagged).
  • Transportation: Max 4 people per vehicle. Masks required while in the vehicle; applies to all staff, ministry leaders, and students. If you are wanting to use a YFC van, then a max of 8 people total (two per row) is allowed. 
We covet your prayers as we engage with teens in-person, and we are expectant of all that God will do in the days ahead.

(Updated 04/19/2021)