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A drug dealer and the Christmas story

12/16/2016 in Category News, Stories

Being a drug dealer in my small town wasn’t exactly where I thought I’d be at 20. I had envisioned myself on a scholarship at some college playing basketball or golf, but here I was making... More

“It’s awesome to see the walls come down”

12/14/2016 in Category

"Volunteering with Campus Life this year has been so impactful in my life as well as the students I get to share with. I was able to go on the Spring Break 2015 trip with Campus Life and... More

“More to me”

12/14/2016 in Category

"Over the past three years volunteering for Campus Life, it has become more apparent the difficulties our teenagers face on a day to day basis. However, what I have found is our teenagers... More

“God is moving”

12/14/2016 in Category

"After the GO MAD retreat, a YFC staff person asked if I’d be willing to lead a group of 45-50 teen girls as a follow-up to the retreat. My husband and I prayerfully agreed to host this study... More

“I was living for myself”

12/14/2016 in Category

"Although I have always believed in God, I have not always had a relationship with Him. For a long time, I lived a very impure life and made no sacrifices in order to please God. I was living... More