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Check out what God is doing in Whitley County!

1/31/2017 in Category

God is on the move in Whitley County! Since the beginning of the school year, over 40 middle school and high school students have said yes to Jesus for the first time! This has happened... More

Toe in the water

1/31/2017 in Category

“I’m a person just dipping my toe in the waters. I’m willing to give Jesus a chance. I’m nervous and scared, but am willing to try. I’ve never had a relationship with Jesus or really knew... More

“I want to go ‘all-in’ with God”

1/31/2017 in Category

Rex is your normal, skeptical teenage guy; he is also very intelligent. A year ago I began to hear his name from friends trying to get him to Campus Life. “He’s an atheist,” they would tell... More

What is your BOLD prayer?

1/31/2017 in Category

Over Christmas break I had the opportunity to take five teens on a mission trip to Gatlinburg TN, to help with the cleanup efforts from the forest fires which swept through the area in late... More

A new life change

1/31/2017 in Category

Troy lived his life on his terms. He was wrapped up in making money, buying the things he wanted, and gratifying his own needs. No one was ever there to tell him no, or that he was living... More