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Our Youth for Christ family is grieving.

6/3/2020 in Category News, Stories

From now on we regard no one according to the flesh.” (2 Corinthians 5:16a)

Each and every individual an Image Bearer of the eternal God. That is why in response to the senseless killing... More


3/2/2021 in Category Stories

Bryce is an 18 year old football player at Dekalb High School. He doesn't enjoy football, but continues to play in order to please his parents. He has not seen playing time in all four years... More

God Steps In

2/25/2021 in Category Stories

Imagine being a young man with no positive male role models in your life, being raised by a single mother, moving away from your family and friends for a “better life.” However, mom is in an... More


3/25/2020 in Category Stories

About a month ago I had a student approach me and ask if he could get baptized. He fully committed his life to Christ this past fall. There were also two more students who accepted Christ... More


3/25/2020 in Category Stories

Students’ lives change when ministry leaders invest.  Jeff is a caring ministry leader who consistently invests in several students - wherever they are in their journey, in different and... More